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Wine tastings

In the winter period from December to April we are always open (Saturday and Sunday included). You can come every day to taste our wines with typical products. During the rest of the year you can visit our vineyards, the cellar where we produce our wines and you can taste them accompanied with gastronomic products from Romagna.

To book, call us on +39 0546 651040 or write to


Bulk and bottled wine

In addition to bottled wines, you can also buy bulk wine for those who prefer to bottle it.

Many of our customers come to the cellar with the demijohns, filling them with the wine they prefer.


Wine at Home

Anyone who does not have the opportunity to reach us still has the opportunity to buy and taste our wine by having it delivered at home. By organizing group loads, the wine is delivered directly by us with our trucks both in bulk and in bottles or, faster, it is shipped by express courier and you can taste it in a few days from the order.


Custom packaging and labels.

It is possible to personalize both bottles and gift packs for special occasions or events (birthdays, weddings, graduations, baptisms, confirmations or special parties). If you want our own wine with a personalized label, contact us and together we will find the solution you prefer.



You can buy our products and receive them comfortably at home by express courier, through our shop .... what are you waiting to try it? Payments can be made by credit card through the PayPal portal with secure transactions.





Wine bars, restaurants, hotels, distributors, wholesalers

Do you have a business in the HORECA or distribution sector? Contact us to find out about the conditions we reserve for the B2B market with our HORECA Prime Colline line. We like to collaborate with our customers so that the satisfaction is mutual and the growth is both.


Are you a small cellar? We carry out processing and bottling wines for third parties

2017 was a year of great changes and investments for us. We have replaced our old autoclaves with Gortani sparkling wine autoclaves. We replaced our old filtration system with a new ceramic tangential filter from Della Toffola. We purchased a new pre-bottling microfiltration line and, finally, a new GAI bottling line. From year to year we try to improve and improve our product to offer all our customers, individuals and companies, the best they can drink.

You need to bottle your wine production, contact us we will be happy to give you more information.

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