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Where nature still influences everyday life...

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The art of Sustainable Wine


La Casetta is a family run winery in the foothills of the Tuscan-Romagnol Apennines which grows, vinifies and bottles its own products. Our company was set up in 1963 when Antonio and Angelo Errani made the countryside the passion of their work.

Angelo, linked to the University of Pisa, handles the fruit, experimenting with various cultures and holding pruning courses worldwide.

Antonio, a lover of wines and good cooking, began the production and transformation of grapes by selling their own wines directly from the winery.

Antonio Errani the founder


Knight Sir. Angelo Errani (also called Gigì) in the center with the light shirt together with a group of pruners. He has taught pruning techniques throughout the Mediterranean basin, South America and Israel. Several collaborations with Italian universities and creator of Errani apricots.

In the early seventies Antonio’s son-in law Giuseppe Bartolini joined the company, taking courses in oenology and leading the Company to deal almost exclusively with the production and direct sale of wine.


Giuseppe Bartolini serves wins at the Pentecost Festival



Since the 2000, Michela and Davide have joined the company carrying on the work born over half a century ago by Michela's grandfather, always aiming for better quality and fundamental environmental sustainability. In recent years there have been many national and international awards on the wines produced and the commitment is that of continuous improvement.


Davide and Michela at the preview of the Merano Wine Festival with the award-winning sparkling wine

La Casetta today


La Casetta Azienda Agricola it’s a wine farm who produce a different kind of wines (white, red, rosé, still, sparkling) and also Extravirgin Olive Oil. It’s located in Castel Bolognese on the first hills of the Tosco-Emiliano Apennines. 

It’s at about 35 minutes form Bologna airport and 45 minutes from Rimini airport. It’s very convenient to reach, Ravenna, Florence, Bologna, Ferrara, and the Adriatic coast.


La Casetta covers 30 hectares fully planted with vineyard and it’s in a very beautiful and quiet area.


The production it’s about 450.000 liters per year which is sold for a part in the bottle and for the most part as a bulk wine directly to private clients throughout the national territory. The maximum capacity of bottled wine it about 600.000 bottles (50.000 cases).


We work in the field and in the cellar in accordance with rigid, sustainable protocols, respecting nature, and in return we receive genuine products and can leave our children a liveable planet. Through these protocols and by following determined procedures we have obtained Magis sustainability certification for many of our products

This is the compass that guides us towards our horizon…healthy drinking, aware and sustainable


For over 11 years we have the honor of being able to supply the Corazzieri Regiment with our wines at the Presidency of the Italian Republic. And we had the honor of serving our wine to the President of the Republic.


Change of the President Honor Guard at the Quirinale, seat of the President of Italian Republic


The President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella who is served our sparkling wine Mio

We waiting for you in our winery


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Certified sustainability


In everyday work we combine tradition and innovation to reduce the environmental impact to a minimum and lower CO2 emissions. We try to work in the most sustainable way possible, maintaining a 360 ° vision, implementing protocols and working methods that are aimed at a low consumption of natural resources and a decrease in CO2 emissions.

We only use recycled organic fertilizers, thus maintaining a fertile soil following the natural way. We recycle winemaking waste products (such as pomace) as fertilization of vineyards. Every year we try to improve our quality and health of a sustainable way.



La Casetta installs 2 photovoltaic systems for a total power of 40 Kwp. This allows the company to produce all the energy it needs for wine processing. In addition to the photovoltaic systems, a charging column is also installed for business needs (recharging company electric cars) and for customers who need to recharge their electric vehicles


We have always focused on greater environmental sustainability and this is the compass that guides us in everyday work. For this reason we using a corporate drone to map the field and to quickly and without verifying any areas of deficiency without environmental impacts


Using software, the images taken with the multispectral camera mounted on the drone are converted and a mapping of the vineyard is created from which the areas of high and low vigor are highlighted. This allows the different areas to be managed in a differentiated way by intervening only in those in which there is a need, with significant energy and economic savings in total respect for nature, significantly reducing CO2 emissions by avoiding the use of various agricultural machines throughout the vineyard.



Activation of the DSS

(Decision Support System)


Our work continues hand in hand with our attention to product quality, the protection of our customers and respect for our planet.

Through a weather control unit installed in the field sent every hour all the microclimatic data to the DSS server with the forecast models inside. Depending on the temperature, wind, air humidity, forging humidity and soil moisture, the system is able to predict a possible infection.

Predicting infections allows us to intervene in a preventive way by drastically reducing the defense interventions in the field, lowering the impact on the ground and we increase exponentially the healthiness and naturalness of our products. In practice 2014 was a very difficult year for wineries. With frequent and abundant rains. The number of protection interventions carried out by the Companies of our Province was around 19/22 with a percentage of sick grapes of around 40%. We managed to intervene only 8 times with a percentage of sick grapes of 3%.

By starting the vinification with healthy grapes, you can't add excess sulphites and above all you can reach a better and completely natural product quality.


Our Albana della Serra, for the Costanza Romagna Albana DOCG



SQNPI Certification

The SQNPI certifies agricultural and agro-industrial productions

obtained in compliance with the integrated production standard.

By defining integrated production as “the

agri-food production system that uses all the

means of production and defense of agricultural production from

adversity, aimed at minimizing the use of substances

synthetic chemicals and to rationalize fertilization, in

respect for ecological, economic and toxicological principles”.

La Casetta Azienda Agricola - Winery & Restaurant

Via Morandina 252 - 48014 Castel Bolognese (RA) - Italia

We are open every day from 8 AM to 6.30 PM

Evenings Tasting by reservation

Restaurant open all days 12:00 - 14:30

evening Thursday, Friday, Saturday 19:00 - 22:00

Monday the restaurant it's close

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