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Romagna Albana DOCG


Region: Emilia Romagna

Production area: Emilia Romagna

Altitude: 120-170 meters / 393-432 feets

Grapes: Romagna Albana DOCG

Training system: renewed spurred cordon

Soil type: clay

Orientation: south south - east

Vineyard age: 2001-1996

Harvest period: September

Vinification: natural fermentation with aging on the skins

Appearance: light yellow

Perfumes: delicate and floral

Palate: fresh and pleasant

Alcohol: from 12.50% Vol to 14 % Vol

Tips: refreshing wine, excellent in the summer but not only, particularly suitable with fish dishes, cheeses and light main courses

Costanza - Romagna Albana DOCG 6 bottles

SKU: 8058159510071
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